Z-Park Internet of Things Industry Alliance

Z-Park Internet of Things Industry Alliance


The Z-Park Internet of Things (IOT) Industry Alliance was established on November 1, 2009 and is China's first Internet of Things industry alliance. It is jointly initiated by Z-Park companies with advantages in the upper and lower reaches of the Internet of Things industry chain. Currently, the alliance has covered nearly 200 key core companies in the IOT industry chain and has served nearly 2,000 companies in the related areas of the Internet of Things and smart cities, forming an open, cooperative mechanism for production, learning, research and development.


The alliance is committed to promoting the development of the industry, serving companies, serving the government, and promoting cooperation. Through the establishment of key technologies and public service platforms to promote the coordinated development of Internet of Things technologies, industrial chains, and market applications. Through the coordination of cooperative relations between enterprises, the relationship between enterprises and governments, the relationship between industry and markets to serve members better, and innovate together. Based on the cooperation with government departments in industrial research and policy research and organization and implementation of major projects, it undertakes the tasks of government departments to promote industrial services, coordinates the relationship with relevant alliances, associations, and institutions, and achieves the goal of collaborative innovation and cross-border innovation.


Since the establishment of the alliance, more than 40 salon activities have been organized for the development of the industry, the formulation of standards, the construction of platforms, and the innovation of the business model of the Internet of Things, which provide enterprises with a platform of academic exchange, thought collision, and cooperation in the Internet of Things. We organized member companies to apply for dozens of major projects in China and Beijing, participated in dozens of exhibitions, exhibitions, forums, etc., conducted the creation and promotion of the series regulation, assisted the government in developing the road map for industrial development, the research work on top-level design, development planning, etc., which provided strong support for the development of enterprises and governments.


Since 2012, the alliance, the Hong Kong Soft Exchange, and the Beijing Information Association jointly organized four sessions of the Wisdom Beijing Contest for the past four years. Through the contest, we have tapped a number of typical applications and application solutions with mature and reliable technologies and large-scale prospects. As a way to cooperate with the "Smart City" and related demonstration projects, we also vigorously carried out application innovations and developed typical solutions.


In addition, the alliance also organized “IOT Exploration Camp” activities to provide in-depth understanding of the company. We launched a “business model training class” to explain the business model innovation method for enterprises for free. Since 2014, the alliance has successively established more than 10 special committees including Green Security RFID, Health Services Industry, the Expert Committee on Wisdom Education, the Expert Committee on Smart Innovation Design, and the Expert Committee on Smart Communities. We adopted the form of special committees to implement fragmented applications for the Internet of Things industry. As a result, to promote faster and deeper cooperation between enterprises. Since 2014, the alliance has established the “Z-Park IOT Industry Fund” to capitalize on the alliance member companies and boost the development of the Internet of Things industry. At present, the fund management company has been registered and fund raising is underway. The Z-Park IOT Industry Alliance and the Saiole Group will jointly build a one-phase fund of 100 million yuan.